Building up your city is crucial to every aspect of Castlot. The key building is your Senate. The level of your Senate is the cap for all other buildings and also your hero's level. There are four main types of buildings. Buildings, Resources, Decorations and Other.


Buildings are divided into Bureau and Military and can be built in the main paved city areas. There are nine areas to build in. When specified buildings are placed in the designated locations they can activate bonuses depending on which scrolls you have selected.




Resource buildings can be built in the annexed lands around the edges of the main paved city. Each of the three annexed land has ten open spots to build in. The first annexed land is opened by completing the "Revindication" quest in the main story line. The second is able to be opened once your main hero reaches level 30 and final is able to be opened once your main hero reaches level 70. There are 4 types of resources: Grainfield, Sawmill, Quarry & Mine.


Decorations are for visual appeal only and have no effect on the game's functions. It is split into two categories: Decor and Luxury.

Decor Cost (gold) Luxury Cost (Diamonds)
Pine 2000 Firedrake statue 2
Birch 2500 Statue fountain 2
Rowan 3500 Banner 2
Clay 3500 Red carpet I 2
Brick 5000 Red carpet II 2
Carpet I 4000 Red carpet III 2
Carpet II 4000 Red carpet IV 2
Lion Statue 5000 Red carpet V 2
Cobble 4500 Demon statue 2
Bonfire 7000 Warrior statue 2
Sage statue 2
Christmas tree 3
Arthur/Morgan statue 3


These buildings are pre placed in the game and are important.


A common configuration for your resources is first annex 3x quarry, 3x sawmill, 2x mine & 2x grainfield. Place buildings in their designated areas to activate your scrolls. Production and training scrolls are common scrolls to have active while your armies are idle.