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chapter IEdit

  • main quest: successfully equip 1 equipment.
  • main quest: set attack to right.
  • main quest: defeat lvl 1 NPC Balrick.
  • mainquest: upgrade senate to lvl 2.
  • mainquest: build cottage.
  • mainquest: build base.

tips: you received a letter from Leader of Guard. Go check it in the NPC mailbox. Urgent Intelligence

  • mainquest: view the battle
  • mainquest: gain the epic hero Gareth.
  • mainquest: allocate attributes once.

tips: you received a letter from Saxon Spearman Leader. go check it in the NPC mail.

  • mainquest: successfully seized Annexed land 1 (176 Spear= no troop loss
  • mainquest: Use the item Reinforced Case.
  • mainquest: Use the item Sly Goblin.
  • Mainquest: Build Barracks.
  • Mainquest: Recruit 10 or more Spearman.

POP_UP: Explore Meet Swamp Sentries when exploring Attack the enemies. Lauch an attack against the enemies after you finish deploying soldiers and heroes. [watch battle]

  • mainquest: View Exploring 1: Defeat Swamp Sentries in Foggy Swamp
  • mainquest: Gain the epic hero Gawain.
  • mainquest: Award Epic Hero once.
  • mainquest: Successfully use 1 Production Card.
  • mainquest: Activate 1 Production Card(s).
  • mainquest: Actiavte 3 Production card(s).; set Production Scroll as the default Scroll.
  • mainquest: build grainfield.
  • mainquest: build sawmill
    build quarry.
    build mine.
    Adjust the Tax RAte to 25.
  • mainquest: Successfully appoint Castellan.
  • mainquest: Rename City.
  • mainquest: Use the item Holy Light.
  • mainquest: build market

Tips: you received a letter from Master Builder. Go chack it in the NPC mailbox. Subject: Resource Trade from: master builder

  • mainquest: Place an Order to buy Timbers in the Market. (buy 1 timber for 0.1)
  • mainquest: build academy.
    build workshop.
    Successfully buy 1 equipment in Workshop.
  • mainquest: Challenge for 1 times in Challengerof Arena.
  • mainquest: Challenge for 1 times in Challengerof Arena.
    Successfully Scout Duhlainn. (In the World input coordinate of Duhlainn 318/436, click Go to his city and Scout.Duration=00:00:10)
  • mainquest: Defeat Lv 10 NPC Stewart.
  • mainquest: Prestinge reaches 50.;Cross Medal 5. (Hierarchy: Knight)
  • mainquest: Gold 5000; Crops 500;Timbers 500;stones 500; Irons 500. (meet the Target requirements and claim the rewards. corresponding resources in Target will be deducted once you claim the reward.)

Chapter IIEdit