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Level 21 Druid Sentry Head

Welcome to the Castlot Wiki[]

Castlot developed by Idea Channel was first hosted on Clapalong, as the game has grown many gaming companies have picked the game up. the most recent one is pandiva. Also hosted by Kabam, R2, Kongrigate, Uhomegames and Armorgames. Through clap along you can also access castlot for your i phone! 

Castlot is an Real Time Strategy based around a storyline. Players experience the story as they complete quests. Players first choose a faction, Bright or Dark, and take the role of a Lord, during the time of King Arthur, in the story and live the events of their chosen faction. Each story is specific to that faction, although many quests are identical. Especially early on, the quests coincide with the story so players can learn the game-play quickly.

Castlot is Free to Play, but has in game currency (diamonds) that can be purchased at a cost of 10 diamonds per USD. Purchasing set amounts of diamonds increases your VIP level for which there are bonuses that enhance game play even after the diamonds have been spent.

Other Castlot Wiki's[]


Castlot, a featured online MMORPG, is set in the background of Britain's defense against the Saxon invaders in the early 6th century. The world at that time is mainly separated into two factions—the Bright and the Dark, led by Arthur and Lord Blackmore respectively.

In the year of our Lord, 449, darkness plagues the people of Britain. Weak rulers have unleashed mercenaries on the land in hopes of driving away Northern invaders. The plan worked all too well. Noticing the weakened state of Britain, the Saxons quickly overthrew local regents and expanded their own kingdoms, leaving the country broken and powerless.

However, not all hope was lost. Resistance amongst the people has increased and clans have combined forces. From all corners of the country, mystics converged to appoint a leader to the new clans, a nobleman named Arthur. Aided in his ambition to unite Britain, the nobleman vows to pull the country out of chaos and return it to an era of prosperity.

All the while, shadowy forces are aware of the resistance stirring amongst the people. Lord Blackmore, a practitioner of the dark arts, aims to help the Saxons through controlling the mind of the Archbishop. To discourage any further disruptions, he has sent forth black knights to remove anyone who challenged his power. But will he realize his ambition?

In the dark faction, the tides are changing; Lord Blackmore sees that the Britons can't possibly fight forever. His reach covers most of Britain, but without a clever cohort to be his spy, he cannot take the country.

While in the bright faction, with Arthur as the leader, it is their duty to protect Britain. Whether by force or by magic, the bright knights must set upon a deadly quest to save the kingdom.

Will you be the spy that Lord Blackmore seeks, or will you journey forth with Arthur and the Bright Knights? Will you be the one to make history? Or will choose the path of honor?


There are two factions in Castlot with a neutral zone dividing them on the map.

Bright: Led by King Arthur

Dark: Led by Lord Blackmore.

Neutral Kingdoms: Players may not be neutral however they may build their cities in the neutral areas.

The rival factions are not allowed to attack each other unless they occupy the Neutral lands. Players can attack their own faction though.


Castlot has an event system that offers a new event to participate and win rewards several times a month. These events greatly enhance game play for the active players and provide some extra fun for casual players.


Your avatar is located on the top left of the screen and features:

  • Picture (Click to check player info)
  • Name
  • Hierarchy
  • HP (Click the "+" to use a HP potion)
  • Exp (Click the "+" to open the Avalon training menu in the Hero Hall)
  • VIP level (Opens information screen about the VIP program and purchase diamonds)
  • Server clock (May include drop down depending if you have various buffs active)

Status bar[]

The status bar runs along the top of the screen and features:

  • Current city resources and gold (Hover over each icon to see rate of change)
  • Silver keys
  • Magic potions (Hover over to see when they expire)
  • Diamonds
  • "+" (Click to purchase diamonds)
  • Server list (Opens menu to change servers)
  • Building (Opens menu to build buildings in your city)
  • Scrolls (Opens scroll menu. Available after your Lord reaches level 12)
  • System Menu (Opens System Menu)

Task bar[]

The task bar is directly under the status bar and can be mostly hidden from view if desired. It features:

  • Avalon Chest (opens Avalon chest)
  • Relics (Opens relics menu)
  • Babel Tower (Opens Babel tower menu. Available after you defeat the level 30 Race up)
  • Cards (Opens cards menu. Available after your Lord reaches level 25)
  • Activities (Opens activity menu)
  • Reward (Opens reward menu)
  • Alchemy (Opens Alchemy screen, not to be confused with the technology Alchemy. Available after your Lord reaches level 18)
  • Daily guides (Opens a list of daily bonus tasks. Available after your Lord reaches level 19)
  • World/City (Switches between World view and City view)
  • Map (Opens up a map of the world)

Cooldown queues[]

The cooldown queue menu is directly below the "Map" button. You can hide it from view if desired and it is a quick way to tell what is on cooldown and for how long.

  • All (Display rotates through everything in the queue)
  • Buildings (Displays just the buildings in the queue)
  • Technology (Displays just the technologies in the queue)
  • Training (Displays just the Avalon training queue)
  • Defense (Displays the fortifications in the queue)

Quest Menu[]

The quest menu is located near the bottom on the right side of the screen and can be hidden from view if desired. It is a quick way to see the main story quest and the top three side quests.

Hero bar[]

The Hero bar is located on the bottom of the screen stretching from the middle to the right hand side. It features:

  • Hero (Opens Hero Hall)
  • Explore (opens explore. Available after you reach level 10)
  • League (Opens league. Available after you join or create a league)
  • Quest (Opens quest menu. The number above the quest icon indicates the number of completed quests that you can claim a reward from)
  • Army (Opens army menu)
  • Ranking (Opens rank menu)
  • Shop (Opens shop menu)
  • Depot (Opens depot menu)
  • Friend (Opens relationship menu)
  • Mail (Opens mail menu. The number above the mail icon indicates the number of unread emails you have)

Chat box[]

Located on the bottom left side of the screen. From here you can set chat filters and chat with the world, your faction, your league, battlefield, privet and system.

Excalibur/city bar[]

The Excalibur/city bar is located on the left side of the screen towards the middle. It is a sliding bar that displays three icons at a time. To display the three hidden icons just click the little yellow rectangle at the top or bottom of the three icons. It features:

  • Main city (Quickly switches to your main city)
  • Subcity 1 (Quickly switches to your subcity 1)
  • Sbucity 2 (Quickly switches to your subcity 2)
  • Excalibur (Opens the Excalibur wheel)
  • Goal (Gives a brief goal of the main story chapter you are on)
  • Tip (Gives tips)

Patron beast[]

The patron beast is located just under your avatar on the left side of the screen. You can see visually the type of beast, its level and its exp bar. Clicking on it opens the patron beast menu.  Available after your Lord reaches level 20.


You will spend the majority of your time on the city view screen. From here you can build, enter or move all of your buildings. You can also demolish your resource buildings from here.


This view lets you explore the world. You have a variety of interactions you can do with friendly and enemy cities or even the wildlands. On this screen there is an additional menu that is located just to the right of your avatar and below the status bar. This menu lets you enter x/y coordinates, select or go to bookmarks, go home or even search a player or city name and go directly to it.


From time to time you will get extra icons on the screen. On the right side of the screen above the Quest Menu you will receive alerts on Arena and relic challenges, mail and requests for friendship or to join your league. Also when you have an incoming army or you have sent an army out on a mission you will see a sword icon above the Hero bar in the middle of the screen. The number above the sword is the number of armies that are in transit.

Game tweaks[]

How to complete the "6 Green Card" quest before level 30.

1: Save all potions from begining quests.(NOTE: you may complete the quests to use "scheme," as you will recoup the potins used when completed. But keep the potions from the Friends quests.)

2: DO NOT complete the quest "Synthesize Blue Card."

3: Purchase at least 3 cards from shop, make sure you purchase 1 attack card( I purchased attack card #1 and a training card.) Note, if you have won a card from excalibur you may only purchase 2 cards( your choice.) Cards are 50 potions/diamonds each, so you will need at leasat 100-150 potions.

4: Now you may synthesize the extra attack card(# 1-3) that you purchased, DO NOT use any attack cards to synthesize. You should have at least 3 training cards( from previous quests,) plus the 2 extras you purchased. complete synthesize quest.Note: if you wish to keep the training cards, then you will need 150 more pots/dias to purchase 3 more cards.

5: Now you should have 4 Blue atttack cards, and 6 green attack cards. Use the 6 green attack cards and the Blue ones # 7-9, set default and move building for all 9 cards. complete Synthesize quest.

6: Complete 6 green Card quest.

FYI, there is a Quest for 9 Green Cards.So you might want to keep these cards and hope you find #'s 7-9 in explore or Excalibur.

I did this on the new server s7 - GEMSTONE using only quest potions.








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Castlot homepage Castlot on kongregate

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