Equipment is worn by your heroes and increases a variety of stats useful to when your hero fights, is the head of an army or is a castellan. It can be obtained as a reward from Babel Tower, explore, Excalibur, events and purchased from the Stable, Smithy and Workshop. You can enhance, evolve (event equipment only) or imbue a piece of equipment to give it better stats. You can also decompose or refine equipment to bring it back to its original state.  You have a total of 100 spaces available for equipment.  Once you reach 100 pieces, you will stop being able to earn more equipment until you free up spaces.  You will still be able to participate in activities that would drop equipment, but it will be lost and not even display as a reward.


There are four different weapons: Sword, Axe, Bow and Staff. The base stats from these are minimum and maximum damage.


There are eleven armor pieces which can be grouped into two categories: Attack and Defense. At level 50 high quality gear is grouped into sets with bonuses for wearing multiple pieces of the set.


These are hybrid equipment whose base stats are damage and armor. At level 50, high quality mounts are grouped into sets with the 'Attack' gear to give bonuses while wearing multiple pieces of the same set.

Event equipmentEdit

Special equipment is obtained through various events. This event equipment can be evolved in the Smithy to get better stats.