Send your armies against various NPC armies to earn rewards.  Explore is unlocked when your Lord reaches level 10 and is first introduced in the main story.  Explore is split in to two categories: Solo and Team up.  Defeating Solo armies in explore are required to progress the main story.  This is also the primary way to earn cross medals and prestige.  Team up battles are not essential to progress in the game, but they give equipment and material rewards.


Areas may contain a combination of solo battles, treasure boxes, team up battles and portals. To fight an army or a treasure box you need to use a silver key or golden key. While solo battles have no cool down, treasure boxes refresh at 0600, 1200, 1800 and 2100 server time. The 14 areas in explore are:

Team up ExploreEdit

These battles require three players to team up against three NPC teams in one fight. In these battles all War Elements effect your entire team or your rival's entire team. Next to each team battle there is a portal that can can be quickly reached for a price, from anywhere on the explore map.  *Note* If your reward was equipment and you already have 100 pieces of equipment, your reward will be blank. Each of these battles has a cooldown of 3 hours if you win or 1 hour if you loose. The 5 Team up battles are:


All solo battles result in at least spirits dropping with a maximum posibility of 6 of the following items dropping. 100% drops:

Equipment drops:

  • Solo battles: Normal NPC's drop no equipment; "Head" NPCs drop 1-2 fragments and possibly 1 equipment.
  • Team up battles: Either a gem or equipment
  • Treasure boxes: Either 1-2 fragments or a mount.

Rare drops:

  • Solo battles: cross medals, jewelry, scrolls and crafting materials.
  • Team up battles: crafting materials (including basic catalysts).
  • Treasure boxes: jewelry, scrolls and crafting materials.

Event drops: during events

  • Solo battles: Event items.
  • Team up battles: Event items.
  • Treasure boxes: Event items.