Friends are users who choose to connect. A handful of side quests require obtaining a certain number of friends. This can be done quickly through right clicking people in the world chat and requesting them as friends. Once in a league, it is a good idea to add at least active league members as friends to stay more easily connected.

Friend icon


When opening this function, you will see four tabs:

  • Friends: In this tab, it shows the players you have accepted to become friends with, or have accepted you friend request. On the World view, you can see their flag colored in Blue to show that the player is your friend. You are can either choose to send them a mail, or private message, or delete them from the list.
  • Blacklist: In this tab, you can add players that are troublesome, or that is bothering you via mails/chat box. On the bottom of the page, you write their name exactly, and then press the "+" to add them. The player will be notified if you should add them on the list, and will no longer recieve any mails, see their messages on chat.
  • Application: In this tab, it will show the number of players that wish to add you to thier friend list. Or you can see your friend request on this tab aswell, and see if the player accepted or not. You can either choose to approve their request, or delete their request, and cancel your requests.
  • Foe: For this tab, you can add another player to this list, if you wish to set them as your rivals. They function doesn't change the color of their flag, like the Friend tab does. The player you added to this list will be notified.

All these tabs will shown you the same information from the Lord's NameHierarchy, RankingFactionCoordinates, and Last Login. (Last Login will only show on Friends)