Hero Hall


Recruit and train heroes here! Epic heroes may be obtained by Awarding or Conquering. Heroes may also gain Exp through Avalon Training. The higher the Hero Hall level, the more Exp to be gained through training. The Hero Hall is accessed by 'entering' the Hero Hall building or by clicking the 'Hero' icon on the Hero bar.

Hero (Info)Edit

This is the main tab for your hero information as well as where you equip your hero. Select the hero you wish to display on the left side of the screen. It will display its statistics well as its equipment. You can distribute attribute points by clicking the 'attribute' button. There is also an 'equip all' button for fast equipping and 'unequip all' for fast unequipping. You can manually (un)equip manually by clicking the equipment slot you want to change.

Epic HeroEdit

Each faction has 10 Epic Heroes in addition to your Lord. On this tab you can view all heroes: Intro, Rank, Friendship, Hero Attributes, Glazed Attributes and Moulded Attributes. You also raise friendship, glaze and mould your heroes here.


You set your heroes Skills, Talents and War Elements from this tab. You can also access the card exchange, card album and each of your three backpacks. You can merge cards for experience points by either dragging the card you want to keep and dropping it on the exp card or by clicking the 'Merge' button, which will merge all of the unbound cards in the backpack. To bind a card select the card and click the 'bind' icon to the left of the backpack icons. By selecting the 'Cards Wearable' box you can easily see which cards in the backpack are wearable by the selected hero.

Avalon TrainingEdit

You will gain bountiful Exp in the Avalon Training. The longer you train, the more Exp you will gain. Use Diamond or Magic Potion in the training to gain more Exp.


Use attribute books to boost the attributes of the selected hero. Reaching various boost levels is required in the 'Attribute' side quest line.


View your heroes level and attributes vs all other players in your faction. Rank is determined by total Exp gained by the champ.