Your rank on Castlot mainly depends on your hierarchy. The requirements to achieve each hierarchy are listed below.

  • Knight/Dame
    • Prestige:50;Cross Medals 5
  • Baronet
    • Prestige:500;Cross Medals 10
  • Baron/Baroness
    • Prestige:5000;Cross Medals 20
  • Viscount
    • Prestige:20000;Cross Medals 40
  • Earl
    • Prestige:50000;Cross Medals 80
  • Marquees
    • Prestige:400000;Cross Medals 200
  • Duke
    • Prestige:2000000;Cross Medals 400
  • Minister
    • Prestige:8000000;Cross Medals 800

Please remember that you need to follow the Main Quest until you reach the quest Promotion to be able to rank up your hierarchy.

Rankings in Castlot are also divided into 2 subcategories: level and prestige.

This means, if you are the same Hierarchy as a player, your rank will be determined by the level of your main hero. This goes for prestige too. For example: You are a level 40 Baron with 40,000 prestige. There is another player that is also a level 40 Baron, but only has 35,000 prestige. Your rank will be higher than him, despite the fact that you have the same level and hierarchy.