The senate is the most important building in your city. It determines your hero's maximum level and also your building's maximum level.

Features of SenateEdit

Bureau: Shows you your main production of resources and gold. Also shows you the bonus production, and how much food your troops are consuming.  You can also adjust your tax from here.

Castellan: Choose one of your heroes to become a castellan. Your hero will decrease building cooldowns and increase production. Production is increased at a rate of 1% for every 4 intelligence (rounded up). Cooldowns are increased by a rate of ? for every 1 intelligence.

Rename: Here you can rename your city to whatever you want. You can only rename your city once a day.

All Cities: Shows you all your cities that you have. This has no use until you make your subcities, where you can abandon the subcities and make another one anywhere you like.

Goblins: This function tells you where your Goblins are sent and how much resources they have stolen.

Annexed Land: Shows you if anybody has sent a goblin to your annexed land, and how much resources it has stolen from you

Seized Cities: Lists all the cities that you have seized. Under Seized Cities you can:

  • Levy: Takes troops that are already inside the city, or turns the resources in the city into troops
  • Recall: Brings all the troops that are in the city back to your main city
  • Guard: Sends troops to that specific seize city to protect it from attacks
  • Abandon: You can abandon any city that is unsatisfactory to you