There are 21 Skill cards that give your heroes various for Arena, Babel Tower and Race up.  Every hero can be equipped with 3 Hero Skill Cards in the Hero Hall. As you can see in the Skill panel, there are 3 slots for Hero Skill. The mighty effects of the Hero Skill Cards will show when you fight in Arena and the Babel Tower. No Skills are allowed on either side in the first round. In the following rounds Skills will be used in order of position of the Hero Skill Cards from left to right in the Card Slots.
Order: Normal Strike (Round 1) → Skill in Slot 1 (R 2)→ Skill in Slot 2 (R 3)→ Skill in Slot 3 (R 4)→ Skill in Slot 1 (R 5)→ Skill in Slot 2 (R 6)→ Skill in Slot 3 (R 7)…


Skill cards
Description Single target Team
Increase damage (champ) Rage Battle Roar
Increase armor (champ) Magic Shield Guardian wing
Increase speed (champ) Speed of Light Wind Rising
Reduce damage (enemy) Force Blockade Force Suppress
Reduce armor (enemy) Armor crusher Corrosive Light
Reduce speed (enemy) Freeze Frozen Imprison
Stun (enemy) Hypnotism Sorcery
Heal (champ) Druid Blessing Holy Blessing
Deals damage (enemy only) Serial Strike Dragon Chop
Deals damage (champ + enemy) Suicide Attack x
Recovers % of max hp (champ) Recovery x
Recovers % of damage (champ) Bloodlust x